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Excellence In Anything Is A Journey

Achieving excellence in anything is a journey, a constant pursuit of perfection. For KWC, and the great craftsmen we employ, this journey has led to our company being recognised as one of the finest makers of taps anywhere in the world.

It is a recognition that we never take lightly.

Because we see our life’s work for what it truly is: the opportunity to make a product of perfection. One that connects all who use it, with the one true source of life on this planet… a source we in Switzerland have been blessed with in great abundance.


Through design, through a tremendous sense of aesthetic, through precision and handcrafting, and yes, through a good deal of blood, sweat and tears, we recognised a long time ago one undeniable truth:

At KWC, our destiny was never to invent the tap, our destiny was to perfect it.

KWC, combining artistry with mechanical mastery to creating beauty through precision and tremendous attention to detail.

Fortunately for us, we just happened to be genetically and geographically predisposed to creating perfection, after all, we’re Swiss. It’s in our DNA.

And so it was, back in 1874, when KWC was founded by Adolf Karrer, that this journey of perfection would begin. Not with taps to start, but with exquisite music boxes. Even back then, a strong sense of aesthetic had KWC creating works of art. But it was an art form that combined artistry with mechanical mastery. KWC’s music boxes became famous, not only for their beauty, but for their precision and for their tremendous attention to detail.

As all journeys can take interesting turns, so too would ours. Because in the late 1800’s, the demand for convenient access of water in households was growing, so much so, that soon KWC would test the waters, so to speak, and begin the production of taps. It didn’t take long before KWC’s unique ability to combine artistry with mechanical mastery would set us apart.

Taking you on a journey through the Swiss Water Experience.

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By 1906, some of the great brands of the era were knocking on our door to produce custom-made taps that would meet, or better still, exceed their expectations. These included the Hotel Ritz in Paris, the Hotel Negresco in Nice and many more.

With this kind of attention, word soon spread about KWC, about its artistry, about its craftsmanship, about its attention to detail and its quality.

The world had discovered the Swiss Watch of taps. And it wanted more. KWC perfected the tap design and created a legacy of industry firsts, like the retractable hand tap in 1957. And they continued to do it again and again with a spirit of innovation never seen before.

Through design, through a tremendous sense of aesthetic, through precision and handcrafting, and yes, through a good deal of blood, sweat and tears, we recognised a long time ago one undeniable truth:

To this day, in every sketch our designers make, every die we cast, every tap we polish by hand, echoes of a great history are all around us. So too is a vision for our future.

It is a vision that recognises the gift of nature that we Swiss feel to our core and the need for sustainability rather than disposability.

It is a vision that allows every customer to experience the power, the beauty and the essence of nature that flows through our products. To have a true Swiss Water Experience. Precise. Pure. Elegant.

And it is a vision that keeps us on this journey that began over one hundred and forty years ago… in the pursuit of perfection and the achievement of excellence in connecting humans with water.


Achieving excellence is part of our everyday life. With sustainability in mind, we aim to set new standards when it comes to design. After all, aesthetic perfection show cases the benefits of a product in the best possible light and creates even more value added – such as that unique sense of delight you get from handling the product day after day. The various internationally renowned awards our taps have received for their design and innovation are testament to our exceptional achievements in creating aesthetic appeal.